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The Chinese Panda

The Chinese Gold Panda Bullion Coin issued by the People’s Republic of China was introduced to the Gold Coin Bullion market in 1982 with the designs changing every year (the older ones gradually increase in numismatic value) except for a single constant. The Gold Coins come in 5 denominations starting at 1/20 troy ounce, 1/10 troy ounce, ¼ troy ounce, ½ troy ounce and 1 troy ounce with their face values (legal tender within the Republic of China) starting from (5 Yuan, 50 Yuan, 100 Yuan, 200 Yuan, 200 Yuan and 500 Yuan). The popular gold coins are issued by the China Gold Coin Corporation under close watch by the Chinese government.

As of 2014 since 1982 there have been 32 different designs all with the gold content being 0.999 and the Pandas came to match the popularity of the American Eagles and American Buffalo Gold Coins, investors were buying out most of the stock each year and the ever changing designs assisted in building a steady demand for the coins (the coins maintained the same design for 2002 as the design was identical to that of 2001. The Pandas however were issued at a slightly higher price and the commemorative bullion normally gain numismatic value rapidly in comparison to other gold bullion coins. There are a number of online sites where would be or seasoned gold buyers could buy gold coins from, but choosing the right dealers to get extra varied service is essential so as not to lose too much in the early stages. Making sure that these coins are IRA approved and the seller provide services such as grading (grade designation), certificates of authenticity and composition factors are rudimentary towards ensuring that the purchased gold coins will in the long run provide substantial returns.

At the beginning when the Panda gold coins were introduced back in 82, the market price was reportedly over 3,000 dollars due to numismatic value when the demand for these bullion coins sky rocketed before subsiding in 1987. The first issue is still much sought after for its numismatic value more than any other reason, but as for the current issue 2014 the gold coin is priced at $ 1,307 as at the 7th of June 2014 for 1 oz denomination, followed by 689.76 dollars for the ½ ounce denomination. The ¼ oz, 1/10 oz and the 1/20 oz are all priced at 354.30 dollars, 145.49 dollars and 82.15 dollars respectively. The Chinese Bullion is still popular among gold coin buyers and seemingly it will always remain so due to the fact that not only is the buying and selling of Chinese gold bullion coins popular, but also because they gather value more rapidly than most other gold bullion. The truth is, gold coins are basically good investments and although there is a slight premium that one has to pay for the cost of minting and designs, the fact remains that in time, their value go up and those who have sufficient quantities of these coins will find themselves protected from the impact of inflation and currency devaluations.