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Golden Coins – The Canadian Maple Leaf

The Canadian Maple Leaf that is created by the Royal Canadian Mint is the official gold bullion for Canada and has the most astounding gold substance virtue contrasted with whatever other bullion coin at a fineness of .9999 which makes it 24 Karats and containing nothing else except for gold separated from Canadian gold mines. The Canadian

Golden Coins – The Krugerrand

Issued by the South African government, the Krugerrand is one of the most established gold coins issued on the planet with a standard gold substance or fineness of 0.916. The coin was initially stamped in 1967 by the South African mint with the sole reason for promoting South African Gold to the world. The point behind the

Gold Krugerrand

It is an undeniable fact that gold has been an internationally known measure of wealth since the birth of commerce. Gold has been used as an exchange for commodities; it was in the form of gold bars then. But as the civilisation grew, the invention of currency came, first coins and then bills. Gold Krugerrand

How to begin collecting gold coins

One of the biggest secret that seasoned and experienced gold coin collectors keep is the fact that gold coins may be purchased at a relatively cheap price when the market is not rife with activity and seek out undervalued gold coins that may have numismatic value attached to them. The fact that gold coins that